This page documents the visual development process for the animated short film TURMOIL. It gives an insight into my way of thinking and how I make decisions when developing characters, environments or props. 


Synopsis (Script)

While being pressured by his traditionalist father JACK to follow in his footsteps and become a chef, the young and rebellious KARL starts building his own aeroplane to pursue his passion.

Character Design

When designing a character, I strongly believe in using shape and form to communicate a character’s most prominent traits. For example, Karl’s most prominent feature is his wild and unruly hair, which has a will of its own - as does Karl. It seems as if energy is flowing through his body and escaping through his hair.

The final design sheet for Karl.

Acting sketches & iteration.

Acting sketches & iteration.

I sketched out a variety of scenes in order to provide context for his character. 

Here are some of the character-traits I envisioned for Karl:

-    Dreamer
-    „Live Wire"
-    Chaotic
-    Rebel
-    Imaginative


Contrasting this is Jack, bringing his military background into the family and extending his role as a father to that of a „Kitchen-General“.

The final design sheet for Jack.

Development sketches to find a direction.

Development sketches to find a direction.


Jacks character-traits:

-    Traditionalist
-    "Kitchen-General“
-    Military-Background
-    Rigorous / Serious
-    Organized


Environment Design: Karls Room

Karls room reflects his personality in a variety of ways:

-    Chaotic and „all-over-the-place“
-    Full of passion and action
-    Passion for aviation
-    Creative

I strongly believe in the environment being a mirror of a character’s personality.

Design-Drawing for Karls room.



He is collecting vintage airline posters.


D.I.Y. attitude and passion.


He loves planes.

Prop design for Karls main objective: building a Cardboard-Plane.

Poster designs based on real vintage airline poster art.

Poster designs based on real vintage airline poster art.


Jacks Office

Jack’s office shows his sense of order, pride and a strong family heritage. His culinary accomplishments as well as his family heritage are positioned prominently.

Also, this specific frame tries to communicate Jack’s lack of awareness for his son’s passion and drive.

Jack working in his office. Karl doing his thing.


Project-Sketchbook (Excerpt)